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Nue is a powerful React, Vue, Next.js, Vite, and Astro alternative. It might change the way you develop for the web.

The difference in coding style • Click for details 👉

Nue levels of speed

Nue takes the HELL🔥 out of minimalism and the TCP slow start algorithm

Nue helps you keep the initial page load (HTML + primary CSS) under the critical 14kb limit

Nue way to develop

Massively improved developer experience with separation of concerns and universal hot reloading

Nue provides a better developer experience for UX engineers, JavaScript developers, and content creators.

Hello, World!

Author here. I’ve been working on this for the past year or so, lately full-time. There are two things here:

  1. Nue JS — A tiny (2.3kb minzipped) JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It’s like React/Vue, but there are no hooks, effects, props, or other unusual abstractions on your way. Know the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and you are good to go. It supports both server-side rendering and client-side reactive components. It takes inspiration from Vue 2.0 and Riot.js. (I’m actually the original author of Riot).

  2. Nue tools — A complete frontend development toolset. Once finished, Nue is an alternative to systems like Vite, Next.js, and Astro. This is the ultimate goal.

The thing is that I’m not happy with the current state of web development, so I’m building everything from scratch in a super minimalistic way to make things easier for web developers. I’m taking advantage of the “old school” innovations like progressive enhancement, separation of concerns, and semantic web design. All the benefits are highlighted here.

Some first reactions in Hacker News, GitHub, and Reddit.

It looks like developers are loving Nue, so I’m super motivated and committed to completing all items on the roadmap. All projects are released under the MIT license.

Thank You! ❤️


Tero Piirainen