A content-first Web framework

Nue is a closer-to-metal framework embracing minimalism and web standards. It's structurally clean and stupidly fast.

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Content-first: Build entire sites without ever leaving your content


The goal of Nue is to build a perfect web framework for UX developers, which is ridiculously fast and easy to use.

Summer is coming ☀️

The website and docs will be rewritten, but the development goes into summer mode. That is: we go zoning to the forrest.

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At some point in the last decade, popular frameworks and platforms have eschewed semantic markup, and, as a result, the web has become way more bloated than it ever needed to be. Stripping away presentational markup and unreadable CSS is something all web developers once believed in.

I'm glad Nue is bringing back that power.

Elliot Jay Stocks Legendary designer & early CSS advocate