Tailwind vs Nue

Rich web pages

Comparing the difference in front page content filesDetails below

What are we comparing?

The focus of this comparison is to take a look at how to implement content-heavy web pages with interactive elements and multiple sections with a custom layout. Only files with content are included in the comparison.

Why Tailwind and Astro?

Tailwind uses Next.js under the hood, which is the most popular React- framework currently. It is a good example to show how rich pages are implemented these days.

Astro is an emerging framework with a focus on content-heavy web pages. It is the closest alternative to the upcoming Nuekit project.

What is the key difference?

Next.js and Astro use TypeScript to assemble everything together.

Nue uses Nuemark for creating content-heavy pages, regardless of their complexity. Nue takes a strong stance on separating content, layout, style, and logic so that they are easier to edit.