Because web development used to be fun!

Tero Piirainen


I still remember the exact moment when I discovered jQuery. It was a revelation: can I suddenly add logic to my pages in the same way I add styling? Oh yeah — This is going to be huge!

And it was: in the following years we got introduced to groundbreaking concepts like separation of concerns, semantic HTML, and progressive enhancement. Things were great.

Then it changed

Developers discovered React and single-page applications, and Facebook started leading the way. Slowly but steadily JavaScript developers took control of everything: logic, layout, styling, and UX development. And content-heavy websites were developed like they were single-page apps. Eventually, JS engineers won, UX developers lost, and the old foundation was gone.

But the magic is still there

First, we must recognize that a content-focused website is a whole different beast than a single-page application. Secondly, we need to understand that UX development is a whole different field from JS development. The goals, skillsets, and interests are different.

Nue is an ambitious attempt to fix the status quo. It offers drastically simpler tooling for both JS and UX developers. It brings back the content-first approach to web development. It makes web development enjoyable again.

Nue is the frontend troublesolver you've been looking for.

Peace ❤️,