CSS size measurement

CSS size details for the comparison graphs

Tailwind sizes

Shadcn/UI button 3.3k 1.3k 0.3k 4.9k
Catalyst button 3.3k 5.3k 1.8k 10.4k
Catalyst dialog 3.3k 10.9k 5.7k 19.9k

Nue sizes

The Sofa Company 1.5k 1.2k 2.2k 0.2k 5.2k
Mona Editor 1.2k 0.7k 0.9k 0.018k 2.9k
Aimee App 1.7k 0.9k 1.4k 0.1k 4.1k

File list

Shared files

The Sofa Company

Mona Editor

Aimee App

You can see the size details by running nue --production stats .css on your project directory:

All files are minified with Lightning CSS

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