I'm a Minimalist. I say no to most things. Because Less is More.

I live a simple, uncluttered life. I don’t believe in owning things for the sake of owning things — I only keep what is truly important. I want white space across all areas of my life. Here’s what I have and more importantly: what I say no to.

Things I use

MacBook Air

I have only one laptop, which I use for work and in my freetime. The 13" M1 is more than I need.

Sublime Text

I don’t care if it’s missing all of the fancy IDE features everyone else relies on, Sublime Text is still the best text editor ever made.


I switched from Sketch out of curiosity. Both are excellent design tools. Figma is probably better at sharing your work so I haven't switched back.


I listen to music all the time. Mostly minimalistic techno. SoundCloud is the best place for electronic music. I guess Spotify is better for everything else.

I say no to


I will never buy a car. Berlin is a great place to walk around and wonder. The idea of standing in a queue or finding a parking lot makes me nervous.

Second monitor

I never liked the idea of moving my head between two screens. I swipe between desktops instead. Desktop #1 for work, #2 for ZSH, and #3 for music.

External devices

I have never used a mouse or external keyboard. Any external device feels clumsy, so I don't buy them. Never missed a beat.


OMG — conferences, hackathons, summits, ... I hate them. I rather go to a beer with my friends and talk about anything, but work.

Productivity tools

Alfred, Reflect, SavvyCal, whatever. I have a TODO file in flexible ASCII format, bound to a shortcut key in Sublime Text. All I ever need.

Technical units

No Herman Miller Aeron Chair, or anything that looks like that. Way too technical and complex for my spartan taste.